Dropin the top off the Benz
Pop in da top off the Henn
Pull up real quick jump in
Hater yo pocket wore thin
Who in da fuck let u in
We workin it’s only good bizzzz
Ain’t gotta be first in da game dawg
Last will never b me

Bad bitches every city
Big bags in every city
Thick lil momma bouncing wit me
Shake it if u fux wit me
Smoke one if u fuckin wit me
Baby Then u on the team
Ain’t gotta be first in the da game dawg
Last will never be me

20 blocks chop of the Bentley
20 bands off top the 50
Pull up on something real sticky
Make in drops bad bitch wit me
Whole team gotta eat
Staying Lit if u knowing me
Menthols lights swisherssweets
Hennessy and Cali tweed
Lumber Javjs on the trees
Double cup sippin on da pink
got the wax and yea we got the Keiffff
boss man tell me what u need
send that money on to me
Before the tree gon leave
Let me Login to cash app peep