Half gone in the dome still spitting flames
Rep nobody
Only my name
Self made
Searching they phones like a hoe
Makin Up shit as they go
Twisting a story instead of that dro
Silly rabiy
Duckin the shots they throw
It’s only love That I show
Keep updown the road
Stacking my bread when I’m on my own
gassin up on flo
Hanging y n up over the door clutching the 44
Wit no mask still nobody know
U makin me mad lose all control
Ain’t no captain save a ho
Moves too slow
Bz gone

Go get ya own
Common up off a the dome
High like a drone
Snow like I blow
Which way did he go
Nobody no
The legend unfold
Still plenty untold
Hearts grown cold
Throwin em game
Nobody want they own
Lookin fo clones
Bz gone
Movin too slow
I did shit on my own
Investing money is gone
Paper use 2 be long
Staying strong
been in this shit befo
They daddy grown
Daddy a CeO
Of the home
Playhouse fo my flo
Doors are closed
Takin too long
Won’t say no
$100 fo four
Just to open the door
Then u take it home
Only music on my phone
Books closed