BigMacBZ Entertainment LLC was created for opportunity. (boooooshiiit!) It became whatever we are through many people in the industry and my dope ass wife MissBZ and our 3 kids! I listen to people even though i talk over most people! Hahaha its a gift from my Laaawd fo real! I love this industry not all the people who burned me in you faaaaaack it we good but from faaar. i wanna help anybody who wants to start or move to next level in they career just an email,DM, tag, repost away. Very easy to get my attention if i dig the vibezzzz. 

I grew up the entire 80's through the lower middle class angry dad (great granpa and pop now) old fashion moms who tried be the mother of the year by letting me do WTF i wanted! lol In 2nd grade moms pops bought me my first music.....Eazy-Duz-It and got cultured in the hoods we move to. 

My influences come from Bob Marley to Eazy-E Eddie Murphy, Sublime, Pantera, Brother Lynch Hung, CBO Mr. Doctor, JMack, and my dope ass partner (RIP) Yung Will 916 and 408. E40 album Federal is heard throughout my rap i think.... DJ Screw UGK Pimp CDJ Red ATL main stream i dig and the new Opelousas la Grimy Gang!




MiG Nandez & BigMacBz 3.9

Coming soon! Mugzy Da Money Maker ft BigMacBz

Coming soon! Mugzy Da Money Maker ft BigMacBz

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